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Our Story

CK Gems established in 2013 with a view of something unique & beautiful. We want every woman to feel special, expressing their individuality with memorable jewellery, crafting memories for a lifetime well lived.

Shine bright like a star with CK Gems

Celeste has always had a gift for healing, from a young age she would instantly look at a person and reveal what she needed to heal.  I remember she says walking up to total strangers and telling them things  ‘they would be blown away’


Wearing gemstones was just something I loved because of their healing properties so incorporating the gemstone’s healing properites together with the chancelled information I receive is what makes your piece so unique and special.

Image by Christoffer Engström

Our Aim

We want to combine quality, beauty, fun with functionality in everything that leaves our studio.


We are driven to be inventive and creative, using only the finest quality metals and stones. Seeing our natural pieces find their forever home fills our studio with joy, with each customer creating a new memory with their jewellery and forming everlasting bonds that last a lifetime.​


Creating quality, durable jewellery is at our core with every piece. We had seen the need in Australia for durability, and are bridging that gap with our speciality Gold Filled Rose Gold Jewellery or 3 micron and 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery. 


We also offer exclusive Copper/Brass range that won't tarnish, ensuring everything is as beautiful as the first day as it was the last. 

You can rest assured that you are getting high quality Australian Designed jewellery at an affordable price. 

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